Off the Cuff: Doing it on a shoestring

I’m not sure which I find more frustrating right now: learning a new piece of software or marketing on a shoestring.The learning curve of software is annoying and yet I can see how far I’ve come in the year since I started self-publishing. Well, to be fair I didn’t actually publish until August. But my facility at using Scrivener has grown by leaps and bounds. I no longer have to sit with a dummies book in my lap. I actually remember a few things.

While my present daily reality of my minuscule budget is wearing and frustrating. Choosing when and if I can run Facebook ads, paying my wonderful cover artist to make a cover for a book that will always be a free download at my site, paying for my domain and hosting service are all investments in my long term goal of being a well-received, prolific author who helps women and girls see themselves as powerful, thoughtful, just, and capable. It’s just sometimes I feel like my shoes are too small and my toes hurt because they’re being pinched.

As I write this I can hear my son in my head saying, “baby steps, mom, baby steps,” and I laugh at myself. He’s right. Onward…

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