The Sisterhood Community

The Beginning

Several years ago, a medical crisis threatened my life. It took me years to recover, during that time, it was my female friends who carried me through in ways my loving husband, and children, couldn’t.

It was then that the seeds of this series were first set into the earth of my imagination and allowed to germinate. Simply put, I wondered what would happen if women secretly banded together during a time when they were viewed as property and had little or no control over their lives or fortunes? What if they formed a society, where they supported and empowered each other, much like my friends had done for me. What amazing things could happen?

The Present

  • My friends inspired me with their stories of survival, and their willingness to drive me to my doctor visits and take notes when my brain was so fear-driven I couldn’t understand anything, take numerous calls, answer a bazillion questions, and so much more,
  • I hope my Sisterhood stories inspire you to think about places in your own lives you can be of service to others.
  • How do you join the Sisterhood:
  • look for opportunities to help the people in your life. Older, younger, your peers—it doesn’t matter. And you are free to define the word ‘help’ as little or as big as you choose. Sharing a cup of tea with a friend who’s having a rough day, holding a door open for a parent with a stroller, volunteering, promoting a deserving woman—you decide.
  • Then post on my Annie Parnell Facebook page, letting me and the rest of the community know what you did and the outcome. That makes you a member of the Sisterhood.

I hope you will gather together with others to do incredible things because the world needs incredible, caring people doing incredible things now more than ever!

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Until we meet, take care, Annie P.