The Novels

The Reluctant Countess

England.  1777.

Young girls are going missing and Eleanor Barrett is determined to find them.  She will risk everything - love, scandal, and even her own life.

Lord Giles West seeks a conventional bride, but when he meets the unconventional Eleanor, he realizes their attraction is undeniable.

The Reluctant Heart, Part One

Night has fallen. Someone stole James Clifton’s horse. Now he’s alone, on foot, and in danger.

Eighteen-year-old Molly Flanagan spends her days being invisible.But when the sun sets, she traverses the poorer sections of Dublin dressed as a boy, and armed with her wits and defensive skills.

When three men attack James, a young man comes to his aid, then disappears into the night.

The Short Stories

The Griffin and the Rat-Catcher

Ewan Griffin's gambling club suddenly develops a rodent problem. He sends for the best rat-catcher in London, and is shocked to discover a woman answering his summons.