Off The Cuff: December 9, 2017

Something’s been bothering me.  I am a member of a loop of published romance authors of all sub-genres. Last week someone finally asked the question: what is the difference between romance and harassment? I waited and watched. A few people posted and then the subject died an unceremonious death. Why didn’t I post? I told myself: I’m new, I don’t know how to post, I don’t want to expose my views. All excuses and a bunch of hooey. It’s an important question. I have been a reader of our genre for years. I tend to stay away from authors who write improbable plots and/or write their females characters  submitting to demeaning activities–inside and outside the bedroom or wherever the sexual intimacy occurs. I want to entertain my readers but not at the cost of humiliating or hurting anyone. What are your thoughts?

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